Privater Führer Tag, Kanazawa

Experience the uncovered gem of Japan, Kanazawa.

Die Meinung von Japan Experience

The vibrant and historical city of Kanazawa is a perfect stop for a couple days on your journey through Japan. Why not spend one day with our Travel Angel and see for yourself all the beauties of Kanazawa.

Der Vorteil Ihres Travel Angels

Chris has been living in the Kanazawa area for four years, and loves helping people experience the city. Always spending time outside in Kanazawa, he will be happy to share information about great restaurants, upcoming events, and real local spots.


Big, yet small, traditional, yet modern. Kanazawa is the place to see Japan off the beaten path. Take a full day tour and experience everything Kanazawa has to offer. From garden viewing to samurai houses, sake tasting to kimono dyeing, gold leaf decorating to tea room encounters, you decide what Kanazawa will be for you.

Wie gelangt man dorthin

Tours can start anywhere in downtown Kanazawa. Your guide will get in touch with you a couple days before the tour by email or phone to decide meeting time and place, and also what activities you are interested in.